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Puppy Yoga

Date to be Announced.

We are happy to host another puppy yoga class with Dawn!

$35 Per Person.

Tickets Available soon!

Intense Training

Personal Training Quick Start

Four one-on-one sessions with a certified Personal Trainer that includes a complete fitness assessment.

Four sessions for $179


Current members only. New members get this for free when they join!

Call or attend in-person to purchase.

Summer Vibes

Two Months Free

July and August

*Available to New Members only*

Our Summer promotion for new clients includes no payments over July and August with an annual gym membership.


- No payments for summer

- 4 Sessions with a Certified Trainer

- Full access to gym and equipment

Call Donna today for more details

(905) 648-4571

High Five after Workout

Referral Program

For our current members!

Refer a friend and receive a month free when they sign up for the year!

Girls in the Library

Home for the Summer Fitness Special

Have full access to equipment, fitness classes, and Sauna

for only $19.99 biweekly


Flexible schedule from May 1st to Sept. 11th

Available for full-time post-secondary students with valid proof of enrollment or ID

Call Donna today for more details

(905) 648-4571

Teenagers in Park

School's Out for the Summer!

Starting July 1st to Sept. 1st, teens between the ages of 14-17 workout for FREE between 11AM-7PM on Weekdays and 8AM-6PM on Weekends.

Each student must have a valid minor form with parent signature.

Call Donna today for more details

(905) 648-4571

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