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About Us

Come for the Fitness, Stay for the Community.

Welcome to Heron Creek Yoga and Fitness! As a family-owned business, we take pride in bringing the best in health and wellness to our community. Our mission is to create a supportive environment where generations can come together and pursue their fitness goals. We offer a wide range of classes and programs designed to ensure that everyone can find an activity that suits their interests and goals. Our certified instructors are passionate about helping you achieve your best in health and wellness. Come and join our community today!

Our Story

Come for the experience, Stay for the community!


Heron Creek started as one-on-one personal training at my house when our kids were young. It is named after a creek near our house where the Great Blue Herons nest rests. The herons return to the same place every year, forming a kind of community.  I found it inspiring and holds a special place in my life as part of my home.


It has been my dream to create a place that is so much fun people LOOK FORWARD TO EXERCISING. A place that is welcoming and non-intimidating to every person, and community-focused. I also wanted to offer a wide variety of fitness activities from aerobics to Zumba, as these classes have shaped my life and many of our people here.


Since those days in 2001 at my house we have grown so much! We employ over 25 people who are among the best fitness professionals in the area. We have won over 30 Readers’ Choice Awards in Yoga, Pilates, and Personal Training. I could not be more proud of where we have come and I look forward to seeing it grow in the future.


Our team is committed to being our best every day and to helping every member achieve optimum health. Most of all, we are committed to make Heron Creek Yoga & Fitness a place where everyone belongs. 

Dawn Sarabura

Owner of Heron Creek

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