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Personal Training

You have a doctor, an  accountant, and a lawyer because you need their expertise. They help you by saving you time and providing expertise. A personal trainer does the same thing. Knowledge of what exercises to do, how to execute them safely and how often, is key to success. Often the issue is not lack of knowledge, but inability to stick to a program. Personal trainers provide accountability and motivation. They spend years on the science, art and psychology of fitness, and they know how to get you results.




The New Measure of Success--Wellth

Until recently only movie stars had personal trainers. But today we realize that it makes sense to hire an expert to protect and build our most important resource--our health! Personal training may seem to be about how we look, but it goes so much deeper. Being fit and confident infuses every aspect of our lives and catapults us to new levels of physical, mental, spiritual and financial success. So start living your best life now.  Click the circle to the left and book a Free Consultation with a personal trainer right now.

Examples of specific requirements from real customers at Heron Creek:

Golfers keeping fit over the winter

Weight loss

Get strong before surgery

Still sexy after 40

High-performance athletes

Team training

Book a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation to help you decide whether personal training is right for you and if so, which trainer and program would be the best match for your needs.

At Heron Creek, we hire only nationally certified personal trainers. They are employees, not contractors. While training, they are focused only on you. No cell phones, no chit chat with other trainers. They truly appreciate that it is your time and your money being spent. An ideal personal training program runs two or three times per week with each session lasting one hour. 

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