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Where does the Time Go?

Inside every old person is a young person wondering what the heck happened.

The other day I was preparing to bring back some of our most beloved pre-Covid classes- Teen Yoga, Kids' Yoga and Family Yoga. I did all the usual things- contacted teachers, planned the advertising, and I was about to let my friends know about them, when I realized--I don't have any friends with kids in these age groups any more! Gosh! When did my kids get so old? And how did they get so old when I'm so young... I guess maybe I'm not that young anymore- I turn 55 next week!

It was seventeen years ago, 2005, when I started the first Family Yoga class in the Hamilton area and we landed on the cover of The Hamilton Spectator's GO Section. It was pretty exciting! I loved teaching it and for many years after that we had a wonderful kids program that included Creative Movement for pre-schoolers, Mom and Me Yoga for babies and toddlers, Yoga or Zumba birthday parties, and even Pre-natal Yoga. Yoga is great for kids for so many reasons, but one really obvious one is that it's easy to learn! A lot of the poses imitate animals and familiar shapes, so we had lots of fun being trees, and triangles and barking in downward facing dog.

But now in 2022 my youngest child is 19 and I'm just not in contact with many younger moms. So I got creative. I contacted local businesses who ARE connected to younger moms and I lucked out. I found a fabulous connection with Curated Cradle on Wilson St East in Ancaster. Newly renovated to include a beautiful activity room, the upscale children's store hosts baby- and child-centered activities including music classes and our Mom & Baby Yoga program at 11:00 on Thursdays. I have no doubt that once we get back into the swing of things we'll have a wonderful kids program again--and maybe some of my friend's grandkids will be in them!

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