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Rowan Watson

I grew up playing just about any sport I could, with the majority of my focus on hockey, soccer, and running. Participating in team sports sparked my interest in exercise, and that interest grew even more when I began working out in a gym setting. Physical activity soon became a passion of mine, and I was so eager to learn more about exercise and the human body that I went on to study Kinesiology at Western University. 


I completed my degree in the spring of 2023 which gave me an in depth understanding of the structural, functional, and mechanical processes that occur in our bodies when we move. I became a Personal Trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association shortly after graduating, in the summer of 2023. Since then, I’ve had the experience of training people in every age group, from teens to older adults all with varying fitness goals. I’ve also trained hockey teams looking to build up their strength and endurance off the ice, in hopes to edge out their competition. One of those hockey teams is my former team, the Ancaster Avalanche Girls Midget AA’s!


I believe exercising is most effective when it is enjoyed and understood. In other words, my goals as a Personal Trainer are to educate you on why specific exercises and movements will help you and your body live a functional, active life, and to create an environment that makes exercise exciting and rewarding. Whether your fitness goals are to gain strength, lose weight, or improve functionality, I believe each training program should be individualized based on your specific goals, limitations, and current fitness level. 


I decided that just 4 years of student discounts wasn’t enough, so I’m currently a full-time student at Sheridan’s Osteopathy program.


I’m available for training at Heron Creek on Mondays and Tuesdays and I’m looking forward to being around full-time beginning in May.

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