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The Foundations of Revive and Thrive

We found ourselves sitting in a meeting, the clock ticking by as we racked our brains for ideas, wondering how we could encourage more people to have fitness enter their lives. A simple thought, with endless possibilities and potential complications. We thought about a fitness challenge, much like the 12 Days of Fitmas, because of its success. We feared however, that a challenge could intimidate people or deter them from entering into the gym. Encouraging 30 days of endless workouts is something Heron Creek did not want to represent, as we understand the importance of rest days. We wanted people to challenge themselves, at the pace that is necessary for them.

We asked ourselves who are prime clientele that this was supposed to target, what we wanted to achieve as a gym. The person who came to mind was someone at the start or the beginning of their fitness journey. Someone starting from scratch that possibly found fitness and gyms intimidating. The Revive and Thrive was born with this in mind. We wanted to be a gym that helped every single member that walked through our doors on a journey to a healthier version of themselves, regardless of their personal goals.

Revive and Thrive is a 30 day celebration of health and wellness with new classes, demos, talks, activities and more, to make fitness FUN and ACCESSIBLE for everyone. We hope to revive you and your passion for fitness, in order to help you thrive and reach your goals of health and wellness. R&T is geared towards welcoming new members, while also expressing gratitude to all the members who have been with us and show up every week for their workouts.

I spent a few nights planning out 30 days of events, bent over a calendar and babbling to myself like a madwoman, hoping to plan things that would help target the interest of members AND help new people begin their journey to health. It is not as easy as it sounds, but here it is.

All of these events are free to members, unless otherwise stated. For many of these events, we do require sign-ups (hiking, workshops, special paid events, yoga etc.) to see the interest and number of people who are attending. Signing up sooner, the better!

There is no limit to the number of events each person can attend, but we are keeping track of the people who come out like we did for the 12 Days of Fitmas, since we have several prizes to give away! Check out our calendar of events and our Revive and Thrive page for details. Keep tabs on our Facebook and Instagram pages for current up-to-date alerts!

I hope each of you attend at least ONE Revive and Thrive event, try something new, and challenge yourself for the next 30 days.

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