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Eat Well on March Break

Eating healthy while on holiday can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Here are some tips to help you make healthier choices while still enjoying your vacation:

Plan ahead: Before you leave for your trip, research the restaurants and supermarkets in the area or resort. Look for healthy options and make a list of what you want to eat.

Pack healthy snacks: Bring healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, or protein bars with you on your trip. This will help you avoid reaching for unhealthy snacks when you (or the kids) get hungry.

Choose wisely: When you go out to eat, look for dishes that are grilled, baked, or steamed instead of fried. Choose dishes that are high in protein and fiber, like grilled chicken or a salad with lots of veggies.

Watch your portions: Restaurants often serve large portions, so be mindful of how much you are eating. Consider sharing a dish with someone or taking leftovers back to your hotel room.

Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Avoid sugary drinks like soda and limit your alcohol intake.

Stay active: Incorporate physical activity into your vacation, like going for a walk or a bike ride, splashing around with the kids, etc. This will help you burn off any extra calories you consume and keep you feeling energized.

Be flexible: Remember that it's okay to indulge in some treats while on vacation. Just don't go crazy and stay mindful of your overall intake.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your vacation while still maintaining a healthy diet.

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