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Michelle Roberts

I started my fitness journey 20 years ago, but always found myself in an on-again-off-again relationship with the gym. Six months of fitness and healthy eating, six months of gaining back weight and losing all the benefits of my healthy routines.


I joined Heron Creek five years ago where I discovered strength training and since then I’ve never missed a beat. It’s become a passion, and I wouldn’t dream of stepping away from it for a season! On my journey here I’ve lost 48lbs and kept it off. At the same time I’ve been getting strong and eating for my goals. I would especially like to help men and women who aren’t familiar with lifting weights, learn to navigate their way around a gym, without being intimidated by unfamiliar equipment. Fitness is so important and I’m so glad I can share my experience with others to help them achieve their goals! 


I’m currently working on my personal training certification.


(Available Tuesday to Thursday weekly)

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