New Programs

Boxing Fundamentals - Starts Oct 19

Participants will learn proper boxing technique including jabs, crosses, hooks, upper cuts, etc. Jet will be offering authentic boxing training that will both improve hand-eye coordination, endurance, and strength but also give you the confidence and mentality to take challenges head on. This class is both a good workout and a fun experience. $40/Members & $99/Guests for the full 8 weeks.

5 Weeks to Fit

When: Starts September 23, sign up any time while it is running

What: Transformation coach Joanne Tower offers an exclusive results-driven program to motivated people. You’ll train one-on-one 4x per week and once a week on your own. ​You’ll receive a flexible meal plan, grocery list, tips for success, motivational support, and progress meetings to keep you on track.

Who: Everyone is invited - members AND non-members. Invite your friends!

Why: You want real results, and fast!

More info is found on the 5 weeks website.

To register or if you have questions, email or talk to Joanne!

Fit AF

When: Continues each week, sign up any time

What: 30 minute high intensity workout, twice a day 6:15pm and 7pm, Monday to Thursday

Who: Everyone is invited - members AND non-members. Invite your friends!

Why: Get in, work hard, get out! Every class is different. Run by certified personal trainers

Click here for more details and to purchase your pass!

Fit AF program at Heron Creek

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