Jackee started practicing yoga in 2012 seeking nothing more than a physical workout. As she started to build strength, flexibility and balance, she had no idea it would take her on a soul searching journey that would soon connect her with something so much deeper than just her physical body. Yoga opened up a world of stillness, happiness and peace she had never known previously. Jackee immediately signed up for her 200 hour teacher training in Mississauga under Diana Lockett and Daniel Horgan. With an additional 20 hour certification in Yin/Yang with Erin Aquin and De La Sol in Hamilton. She teaches Vinyassa, Classical (Hatha) and Yin Yoga. She follows all of the principals of the Anusara tradition. This traditional style of yoga focuses on connecting your postures with your breath, alignment and opening your heart. Yoga has changed Jackees life and as a teacher her intention is to inspire her students to have a deep connection with self-awareness while integrating breath with movement, to leave them feeling strong and restored.

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