Yoga found Heather during a time in her life when she was dealing with loss and deep sadness. Seeking a place where she could truly find peace and respite, she quickly fell in love with the practice. Yoga has allowed Heather to establish a release from a lifetime of worry and nervous energy. As her yoga journey has continued to evolve, Heather has developed an appreciation for reconnecting with her breath and the physicality that comes with the practice. She loves the opportunity to guide students through their own journeys, aiding others to grow deeper in awareness of themselves through mindfulness, breath work, and strengthening. Within her classes, she offers students the experience of getting out of their heads while establishing a true feeling of presence while on their mats. Heather is a mom of 3 girls and an elementary school teacher with the Halton Catholic District School Board. She is working towards maintaining a balanced lifestyle, recognizing the importance of establishing time for family, work, and self. She has brought yoga into her school, sharing her love for the practice with her students and fellow colleagues. As a teacher, both on the mat and off, Heather loves to watch and lead others through their own individual practice. Her favorite pose is supported Matsyasana as it allows the heart to open a little fuller, while softening and grounding into the support of a bolster or blocks. A beautiful combination of vulnerability and support found within the four corners of the mat.

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