Fifteen years ago, Bev began attending yoga classes, initially in the hopes of finding a way to stretch and strengthen muscles that were feeling the effects of distance running, tennis, hiking, cycling and golf. Not only did yoga complement these activities perfectly, but she also discovered the many other mental and emotional benefits that a regular yoga practice can offer. Inspired to delve deeper and hoping to share experiences with friends, family and students, Bev completed her yoga teacher training in 2009/2010 at De la sol Studio, Hamilton. She has been on a yoga road of learning and development ever since, attending workshops including yoga for runners with Christine Felstead and yoga as an antidote to depression with Francois Raoult. She has instructed a range of students, from high school sports teams to chair yoga for seniors, but the overriding desire when teaching, is that she hopes to open that window of enquiry into the wonder of discovering how yoga can help students on many levels. How a regular practice helps to bring balance, awareness and mindfulness to our lives off and on our mats.

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