Education NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) 2016 Certifications CanFit Pro Personal Training Specialist CPR & First Aid certified Focus To use health, wellness, and fitness as a tool to develop not only physical strength, but inner strength as well to help overcome struggles and hardships in life, while also adding value and purpose to their physical & mental/spiritual wellbeing. Personal Bio For most of my adult life, I struggled with finding an identity. My life felt like it lacked passion and purpose. But in 2014 everything changed when I began to get serious about fitness as it gave me the spark I needed to find myself and pursue a meaningful life. I hesitantly joined a local bootcamp and the experience changed my life. I loved the challenge, the people, the group energy, and how it made me feel about myself. I made big strides in strength, muscle, coordination, and athleticism. My physique began to change but, as much as I loved the physical makeover, I also loved the mental strength it helped me develop outside the gym to deal with life’s many obstacles. Now, as a personal trainer, my hope is to inspire others and use health & fitness as a means to overcome the adversity in their own lives.


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