Bachelor of Kinesiology (McMaster)

Graduate Research in Exercise Physiology (McMaster)




Mark’s primary aim is to help ordinary people look and feel extraordinary through physical activity and proper nutrition. With so much conflicting information available on how we should eat and exercise, Mark’s goal is to cut through the confusion and make fitness and nutrition simple.


Personal Bio


Mark is an 19-year veteran in the fitness industry and has had the opportunity to work with clients of all ages with goals ranging from general health and mobility to fat loss and athletic performance.


Having performed thousands of hours of personal training, he has been invited as a guest lecturer on exercise programming for upper-year kinesiology students at the University of Waterloo. He is also the former Head of Education at the Personal Trainer Development Center; a company that helps to develop personal trainers in countries around the globe.

Mark’s work been featured in several online and print publications including Muscle & Fitness, The Hamilton Spectator, and He has a propensity for telling dad jokes and making cringe-worthy puns. He also tries not to take himself too seriously and has difficulty writing bios about himself in the third person.


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