Barb began her journey into yoga after the loss of her mother. It was through her practice that she found some relief and a sense of focus and has maintained a regular yoga and meditation practice since. Barb believes that her yoga and meditation practice has played a huge role in helping her in dealing and healing with some of her major life challenges, both current and from her past. She has learned the power that comes from awareness, vulnerability and gratitude and teaches others to find that power as well. Barb guides individuals through their yoga practice at a variety of locations from gyms and studios to corporate locations. She has led children in elementary school and high school. She leads individuals with acquired brain injuries through a sequence to help with their recovery and awareness, has spoken at corporate wellness events on the benefits of yoga and meditation. Most recently Barb helps individuals understand their inner most desires and what small shifts need to be made in order to live a desired life. Her passion is to help others feel their best both inside and out through her teaching and her coaching. She is certified in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Kids Yoga and Yoga with weights, Spinning and as a Holistic Weight Management Expert

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