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Spin Bikes

Want to tour the streets of Amsterdam or New York? Want to take a ride in the Swiss Alps? Or Poland? Go to our Spirit Spin room, choose a video, and go!

The spin room has two high capacity fans. When they are both on they replace the air in the room twice per minute. No stuffy, sweaty smells.


1. Using the remote, turn on the projector. (This takes a minute)

2. Using the keypad/mouse, go to the File Explorer view showing all the videos. You may need to hold down the Alt key and press Tab.

3. Double-click on the video you want.

4. You may need to expand the video to full screen using the icon in the lower left corner.

If you're having any issues, get somebody from the reception desk to help you. They will be delighted to help!

You can use the sound system if you want to share. Use your phone and plug in the Aux input cable. Turn on the stereo and turn up the volume.

We also have regular spin classes where the instructor leads you on a tour. Please come on time to avoid disruption.

Spirit Spin Room

Spirit Spin Room

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