• Dawn Sarabura

Online Fitness During Covid 19 Works

So online fitness is the new “normal.” Hard to believe, but it’s everywhere. It’s not ideal, of course, but today with the snow squall and the cold winds whipping, staying home was not as bad as other days!

I’m starting to get used to teaching to the tiny squares that are my students on my computer screen and keeping my music low so as not to interfere with the sound of my voice over Zoom. I actually love it when either of my two dogs wanders into the video. (Of course I hope it doesn’t bug the members but I always think it’s funny.)

I think most people are getting used to the routine and we are even planning a weekly coffee after yoga class on Wednesdays - you should join us!

The main thing is that we are supporting one another. It feels great to see the familiar faces and realize we are all in this together. Seeing the teachers we know and trust helps us commit to exercising even on the days we’re struggling.

if you told any of us in January that in April we’d be doing yoga and fitness online we would never have believed it. But we’re living it. And making the best of it. And because of you, it’s not so bad.

much love, Dawn

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