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Happy New Year! Moving Forward with Hope

2021 was a real roller coaster ride. Being locked down from end of Dec. 2020 until mid-July 2021 was incredibly hard, but thankfully, with your generous support, government grants and the hard work of our wonderful staff members, we got through it. Thank you, thank you for helping us make the best of a very bad situation!


  • February 28 Day Challenge- we got through the long cold lockdown TOGETHER!

  • Spring outdoor workouts and personal training. (Wow, those dumbbells sure got cold!)

  • Zoom classes and personal training (fun, effective and convenient)

  • getting vaccinated

  • taking off our masks for exercise

  • everyone donating Christmas gifts for two needy families

  • exercising with you IN PERSON!

Right now, we have LOTS of room for you to come in and exercise.

What the gym looks like on an average day:

  • 5-7 of 10 spots filled in fitness classes

  • 2-7 of 16 spots filled in yoga classes

  • 3-10 spots of 10 filled out in the LOFT area (lots of ventilation)

  • online classes are ongoing and cannot overfill

  • cardio equipment is NEVER filled

  • pin loaded weight circuit machines are never filled

  • gym floor CAN be pretty busy from 3pm-6pm

  • no waiting for equipment

  • we have not reached full capacity

Looking forward, we are going to lease some cool new treadmills and some other equipment which will hopefully arrive by April. We will also be re-arranging the gym for convenience and continued safety as we start to get more members back in person.

Your health is still our #1 priority. Let us guide you through the maze of New Year's fitness advice. Our staff has a proven track record in helping people with stress reduction, weight loss, proper nutrition, building muscle, and improving balance, flexibility and bone density. So whether you choose classes, personal training or walking outdoors with a group, Heron Creek is the best choice.

We look forward to a happy and healthy year with you.

Yours in health,

Dawn, Martin and the whole Heron Creek Team

P.S. Save $99 when you join by January 15th!

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