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Get Psyched to Move by These Scientifically Proven Benefits of Strength Training

Happy Labour Day weekend everyone! Just a brief blog post to share some positive thoughts as we move from summer to fall.

If your fitness level is not, uh, quite what it was before Covid, join the club! Very few of us got stronger and fitter over the last six months. Quite the opposite. In lockdown most people ate more and exercised less. Some fell into depression. Many of us lacked the daily movement of our jobs and normal activities. And instead of going out to socialize, we all sat in front of computers. Personally, I exercised a lot because we moved the whole yoga and fitness program online, and walking the dogs with my family members was the "go to" activity whenever we felt blue. But I also ate lots of comfort food like cake, chips and homemade bread. I don't regret it. Whatever I did, whatever you did, it's all okay! It's the past now. We got through lockdown and now we are going to patiently and safely move forward, towards optimum health. We just have to return to good habits. To motivate us, I've listed some of the top benefits of regular exercise. I hope it helps you!

Yours in health,


Founder, Heron Creek Yoga & Fitness

P.S. I live with a healthy, fit 90 year old mom-in-law who makes sure to stay active and let me tell you--this list is the real deal and motivates me!

Maintain or increase muscle mass

Maintain or increase resting metabolism

Lower risk of adult onset diabetes

Lower risk of obesity

Lower risk of heart attack

Lower risk of stroke

Elevate mood

Enhance brain function

Improve circulation

Body looks more toned

Improve digestion

Improve posture

Increase bone density

Maintain or improve heart function

Decrease depression

Lessen emotional stress

Improve physical performance of daily activities

Improve sports performance

Improve self-esteem

Improve overall body composition

Improve quality of life

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