• Mark Young

Digging a Nutritional Hole

There was once a man who, for a project he was doing, had to dig a hole in his back yard.

Each day of the week he shoveled relentlessly and each day the hole got a little bigger. He worked long and hard and, over time, he was gradually able to see visible progress.

However, on the weekends he had a strange habit of going into his yard and shoveling dirt back into the very hole he’d worked so hard all week to create.

Over a period of several weeks he became increasingly frustrated because he was continually working so hard during the week, only to make very little progress.

Strangely though, he couldn’t seem to figure it out and continued shoveling dirt back into the hole on the weekend. Eventually he simply ended up quitting on his goal because of his inability to move forward at the rate he was expecting.

As you've probably surmised, this story is not really about a man digging a hole, but a picture of how many people look at nutrition. They work hard to make sound nutritional choices all week only to let it all go on the weekend. Then they eventually get frustrated at the lack of progress and give up on the original goal.

If you've got a goal to lose weight and improve your health, you need to maintain your efforts on the weekend too. Of course, that is not to say that you can't enjoy some nutritional freedom on weekend. It simply means being mindful about the nutritional choices you make on the weekend as well as weekdays.

Remember that creating a new lifestyle means changing your style of life...and life includes weekends.

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