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New to Yoga?

You've come to the right place!

We won't intimidate you or judge you.

Quite the opposite - you will feel welcome! Our Yoga classes are attitude-free.

  • All Levels classes are for all ability and experience levels, all ages, men and women. Most of our classes fall in this category.

  • More difficult classes are labelled Level 2 and higher.

  • Introduce yourself to the instructor before the class, especially if you have any health concerns or prior injuries.

  • When you enter the room you will see spots marked on the floor with stickers.

  • Find a spot, unroll your mat, and have a seat. Or lie down. 

  • Take off your mask (if you wish) and just relax until class begins.

What to Wear

Comfortable, athletic clothing- t shirt, tank top, sweats or yoga pants all work great

Bring a sweater & socks you can wear for relaxation at beginning and end of class

Bare feet or grippy socks are strongly recommended

No outdoor shoes allowed in the yoga studio

What to Bring



During Covid, we encourage you to bring your own yoga mat and blanket or beach towel. We also recommend a water bottle.


We have a limited number of washable foam blocks and straps that you may use and clean after class with solution we provide.

Rental program: Rent your own set of cork blocks, strap, a blanket and bolster. We will store it for your exclusive use. $12/ month  OR

Rent a space: Leave your own yoga mat & gear at the studio so you don't have to carry it. $9/month

Nice to have items:

Small hand towel

Eye pillow

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