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Join our live broadcasts every day of the week. Yoga at 10. Start your morning right with fitness classes at 9am. Move, stretch and tone, Yin Yoga at noon. A variety of fitness and Yoga classes at 7pm most days. It's not the same when we're not all in the room together but it's still a great atmosphere, with the same high quality instructors, and familiar members attending. Keep your camera off if you want privacy. We don't judge! These classes are free but donations are always welcome.

Live classes

Fully moderated, password protected.      Meeting ID is 3531596322

If you need the password, make sure you create an account, then email

Please consider a donation to support your community fitness and Yoga facility during these difficult times!

Pamela would love to talk to you about membership if you want to show your support in even more concrete terms!



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