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Gianluca Figueiredo



I'm Gianluca Figueiredo, a seasoned personal trainer with ISSA certification and over 5 years of dedicated experience. Embracing the ethos of "live long and strong," I advocate for the transformative power of strength training, backed by compelling research on enhancing both life expectancy and health longevity. My approach fosters a supportive environment where clients feel empowered to embrace challenging workouts, guiding them to surpass their fitness aspirations. 


With a background in powerlifting and bodybuilding, I bring a wealth of expertise to tailor workouts effectively. Balancing my passion for fitness with a full-time role outside of Heron Creek, I empathize with the demands of a busy lifestyle and prioritize flexibility in scheduling to accommodate clients' needs. 


I'm available for sessions during weekday early mornings, evenings, and weekend mornings. Let's embark on this journey to unleash your full potential together!

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