Short, Sweet, Intense

Get in, Work Hard, Get out!

Fit AF Workouts

Starting September 23, Heron Creek will run 30 minute high intensity workouts, twice a day Monday to Thursday, at 6:00pm and 6:45pm. Come 15 minutes early for instructions - no two classes are the same! Run by CanFit Pro certified personal trainers to ensure the program is safe and effective.

Most classes are built around a circuit upstairs in the Loft, usually involving free weights and other equipment. We will mix it up occasionally by bringing in guest instructors - boxing, spin, who knows?

We offer three packages, once a week, twice a week and unlimited. Each package is good for 8 weeks (we charge you on the day you arrive) and auto-renews when your

package runs out unless you cancel.

Everybody can come - members and non-members.



6am-10pm Mon-Thurs

6am-9pm Friday

8am-6pm Saturday

8am-6pm Sunday

8am-1pm Holidays

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