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Expresso Bikes

Expresso bikes are a great way to do intensive exercise for a half hour without even noticing the passage of time. The bikes have three modes: Train, Ride and Play. Most of our customers use the Ride mode where you follow a course. If you have registered, you can compete against your previous best time. Try the Play mode - it's the best combination of video game plus exercise in the world!

Your times or scores are placed on a leaderboard score - for the entire world! One of our members currently has a top-ten ranking in two of the games. See how many you can achieve!

Visit this page for a great introduction to Expresso bikes.

Martin recommends:

Don't just hop on and ride. Create an account for yourself on You can remain anonymous if you prefer.

To see your individual performance and ride history, log in to the Expresso website. Click here to see my current dashboard from the Expresso website.

We will have an in-house tournament soon. Read the newsletter and check the whiteboard at the front entrance!

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