• Essentrics® is a full body workout that rapidly changes the shape of your body through a dynamic combination of stretching and strengthening. The technique develops strong and flexible muscles, maintaining good posture. Perfect for men and woman of all fitness levels, this program rebalances the body.

  • This class is aimed at regaining your mobility, and strength; energizing you to keep up with your daily schedule. Relieve stress and improve mental health. Prepare your muscles to complement your favourite activities. Developed by Miranda Esmonde- White, former National Ballet of Canada ballerina and author of Aging Backwards and Forever Painless.

Essentrics®  with Peri-Lynn

Basics Workshop

What:  Want an introduction to Essentrics®? Here's your chance! Each class begins with short brief information and demonstration with a series of guided training sessions in each class, followed by a 45 minute Essentrics® class. A variety of Essentrics® Classes from Gentle Stretch to Stretch & Tone, Essentrics® Barre. 

Who: Everyone is invited - members AND non-members. Invite your friends!

Why: It is a fave of many Olympic Athletes, Actresses, Models and Montreal Canadiens secret to injury prevention and speed.

Essentrics with Montreal Canadiens


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