Whether you are interested in competitive boxing or just want to get involved with this exciting sport, Heron Creek Boxing is for you!

Led by an experienced boxing coach and award-winning amateur fighter, classes consist of technical lessons which are reinforced by exercises. Expect intensive interval training using bodyweight exercises and various movements crucial to competitive fighters such as skipping, shadow boxing, heavy-bag work (punching bag), and focus-mitt training. Within these classes, beyond the fitness aspect, your boxing coach will provide technical boxing lessons which can be used by participants in combat sports such as boxing, MMA, Muay-Thai, kickboxing, etc.

For those who have no interest in such competitions, these classes are great for self-defence, toning, weight-loss, and building confidence. Come learn a new skill and get fit in the process!

We offer one-on-one training and small group classes. You can save some money on personal training by sharing with a buddy or your spouse. If you have your own group already (5 or more people) then we can get you scheduled immediately! Contact us for details using the form below.

Sign up for our 10 week workshop - Boxing Fundamentals - Starts Feb 2 (11am-12pm)

Participants will learn proper boxing technique including jabs, crosses, hooks, upper cuts, etc. Jet will be offering authentic boxing training that will both improve hand-eye coordination, endurance, and strength but also give you the confidence and mentality to take challenges head on. This class is both a good workout and a fun experience. $75/Members & $149.99/Guests for the full 10 weeks.

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