Introducing Heron Creek Yoga & Fitness

Our Mission

At Heron Creek Yoga & Fitness

our mission is to improve the

health of our community physically

and mentally so that each of us can be

our best and make the world a better



To achieve that mission we created the

most incredible multifaceted yoga and fitness center available under one roof. You will love

our bright, friendly environment.  It is a facility like no other!


  • Beautiful Studio with hardwood floors for Yoga and Pilates

  • Outdoor classes: Yoga, Zumba, and fitness

  • Wide variety of free weights, machines and cardio machines

  • Trained and certified instructors and Personal Trainers

  • Personal training center

  • Free 30 minute personal training consultation

  • Wide variety of classes live and online

  • Sauna, Reflexology and more

Post-lockdown Hours:

6am-9pm Mon-Thurs

6am-9pm Friday

8am-6pm Saturday

8am-6pm Sunday

8am-1pm Holidays

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